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How can we maximise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions whilst creating a positive learning environment?

It's time to get your thinking caps on and we'd love you to join us on 16th March as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of refurbishing an educational facility with our guest, Iain Macrae alongside our Head of Application for Education, Mark Mattimoe.

Audience participation is always welcome so come armed with the questions you'd like to ask our lighting experts!

So what's it all about? 

In schools, colleges and universities, the main focus is the learner. Whether they’re 4 years old or a mature student at 40. Their ability to learn depends on a variety of things, including their environment. 

That’s where lighting comes in. We need to ensure that lighting is comfortable, appropriate and in many situations – adaptable. 

But in 2023, that’s not the only focus that education providers have to think about. Energy costs are soaring, lamps bans are being introduced and the pressure is on to hit sustainability targets. 

In the UK, the Government is encouraging schools to tackle these issues head on – providing generous sums of money for projects including lighting refurbishments. Similarly, the EU Green Deal is making it possible for others to do the same on mainland Europe. 

We look forward to you joining us in March!